• White House Honey Porter from Midwest Supplies Review
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    It’s been a while since my last blog post. Sometimes life, a new job, etc…just gets in the way of blogging. However, I’m back and you can look for more regular posts from Passion For The Pint. The last time we talked, I wrote about the White House Honey Porter from Midwest Supplies. Since then, […]

  • Common Homebrewing Problems And How To Fix Almost All Of Them
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    Even if you avoided making any mistakes, sometimes there’s still problems in the finished product. I’ve had beers that didn’t carbonate, poured a bottle of beer into a pint glass and saw mold and lots of other random, but not fun problems. Some of the issues I could’ve prevented, others not so much. Either way, […]

  • Top 13 Beginner Brewing Mistakes
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    I’ve made more than my fair share of homebrewing mistakes, luckily most were fixable or at least didn’t end up as a disaster. Here’s a list of the most common homebrewing mistakes that beginners make, based on my own mistakes and what I’ve learned talking to other homebrewers. Okay, mostly my mistakes, but you get […]

  • 16 Other, Yet Very Awesome Uses For Beer
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    It turns out that there’s a lot more that you can do with beer besides being like everyone else and drinking it. Most of the things on this list I would save for beers that you don’t like. It’s a perfect way to get rid of those craft beers that didn’t taste right and those […]

  • My Homebrewing Mistakes And Mishaps
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    And What You Can Learn From Them Did your homebrewed beer not come out exactly how you wanted? Or even worse did your beer end up being undrinakble? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Just about every homebrewer that I’ve met have made more than a few mistakes. Most of the time those mistakes turn into […]

  • Six Breweries To Visit In Tampa Bay
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    Mention Tampa Bay and most people from out of the area probably think beaches and vacations. However, the locals know that it’s also a hot spot for brewing with a number of up and coming craft beer breweries. Here’s my favorites: Cigar City Brewing Cigar City Brewing is an up and coming brewery on the […]

  • Best Gifts For Homebrewers And Craft Beer Fans
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    It’s that time of year again, time to do the holiday and Christmas shopping. If you have a homebrewer or craft beer aficionado on your shopping list, here’s some ideas to get you started to make sure they’re happy with what they unwrap on Christmas. Gifts For Home Brewers Is the family member or friend […]