Thanks Midwest Supplies, I did some homebrewing this weekend. They sent me their White House Honey Porter to brew and review.

I’ve been a honey beer kick lately, first a couple batches of a honeymoon rosemary saison and now this one. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe since the White House released, so I’m glad I finally got the¬†opportunity¬†to try it.

Since I brewed today, it’s obviously too early to give you a review of how it tastes. However, I can tell you about some other observations I’ve made so far.

The recipe kit arrived safely and quickly from Midwest.

For the most part I like the recipe instructions. However, I do wish that they would put the recommend temperature for the yeast to ferment. I was able to find it online, but it was one extra step.

Other than that minor detail, I don’t have any complaints.

Here’s a few pictures from brewing day.

I’ll keep you updated with how it goes!

White House Honey Porter Ingredients


White House Honey Porter Grains


White House Honey Porter - LMEWhite House Honey Porter BrewingWhiteHouseHoneyPorter-Fermenting

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