White House Honey Porter from Midwest Supplies Review

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Sometimes life, a new job, etc…just gets in the way of blogging. However, I’m back and you can look for more regular posts from Passion For The Pint. The last time we talked, I wrote about the White House Honey Porter from Midwest Supplies. Since then,… Read More »

Casks For A Cause: Tampa Are You Ready?

Tampa, are you ready for another beer fest? I hope so, because this one is filled with cask conditioned beers and it helps a good cause. Win/win! Casks For A Cause is this Saturday (March 24th 2-6pm) at Cigar City Brewing and will feature beers like Stone’s Cali-Belgique, Shipyard’s Export Ale, Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s… Read More »

Beer Influenced Recipes For St Patty’s Day

I’m only about a half Irish, but St Patty’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. These days I tend to stay in and avoid amateur night at the Irish bars, but I’ll still break out my Dropkick Murphy’s and maybe even take it old school and find some Clancy Brothers on Pandora. Of course,… Read More »

Dogfish Head’s Noble Rot: Beer Meets Wine

I was browsing through my beer reading today and a couple articles came up about one of Dogfish Head’s newest beers, Noble Rot. There was a beer review and on the Washington Post an article called Dogfish’s Noble Rot blurs line between wine and beer. I know that Dogfish Head gets all of the attention, but usually… Read More »