• Poll: Do You Use A Secondary?
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    Do you use a secondary when you’re homebrewing? Or are you totally against using one?   For a long time, the standard operating procedure was to transfer the beer to a secondary fermenter like a plastic bucket or carboy after the initial fermentation dies down in the primary. It’s a theory that’s published in many […]

  • The Homebrewer’s Library
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    I’d much rather be brewing than reading about homebrewing, but there’s only so much brewing that can be done. That’s when I turn to reading about making beer. I read a lot of homebrewing blogs, but there’s times when I want to go more in-depth. I have a growing library of homebrewing books and today […]

  • How Much Priming Sugar Should I Add?
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    The Quick Answer The simple answer is about five ounces (or ¾ of a cup) of corn syrup for a five gallon batch of homemade beer. It’s the amount of corn syrup that comes in most recipe kits. It’s the amount that’s mentioned in most homebrew books in the beginner sections. However, like most things […]

  • Tampa Bay Beer Week: You Don’t Want To Miss This
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    When you think Florida, do you think orange juice? Yeah, I did too until I moved down to Tampa and discovered that it was more than sandy beaches and fruit farms in land. Tampa is the home to a growing craft beer scene, that has exploded in the past couple of years. There’s a handful […]

  • Best Way To Add Honey To A Beer?
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    I’ve never brewed with honey before, yet I decided it was a good idea to brew a honey-rosemary saison for my wedding in November. I’m sure the final product will be amazing tasting, but I have to get there first. I have time for at least one or two practice runs, which is good because […]

  • 11 Health Benefits Of Beer: Further Proof Beer Is Awesome
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    Beer is awesome for a lot of reasons, mostly the way it tastes. A little bit of a delicious aroma and a slight buzz are just bonuses.  It turns out that beer (in moderation) is also good for us! This week it was this article, A pint of beer a day keeps the doctor away, says […]

  • How To Make A Better Beer With Mr. Beer
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    The most popular homebrewing equipment kit is a Mr. Beer. The basic homebrewing kit might get frowned on and made fun of by many homebrewers. However it’s also the way that many people have gotten their start homebrewing because using a Mr. Beer is affordable and easy. Easy doesn’t always equal good. I’ve made some […]