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  • Perry’s Brewer Preview/Unboxing
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    Full Disclosure: Recently Perry’s Brewer sent me a one gallon beer making kit and the accompanying stout beer ingredients. By recently, I mean way back in January. (My apologies go out to the crew at Perry’s Brewer for the delay.) Like the rest of my blog and unfortunately my brewing hobby, it’s been kind of […]

  • How Long Does Fermentation Take To Start?
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    How Long Does Fermentation Take To Start? I remember my first batch of homemade beer. I brewed it, pitched the yeast, put the lid on the white bucket, put on the blue lid and topped it off with an airlock. I put it away in the closet, closed the door and immediately started wondering how […]

  • Poll: Do You Use A Secondary?
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    Do you use a secondary when you’re homebrewing? Or are you totally against using one?   For a long time, the standard operating procedure was to transfer the beer to a secondary fermenter like a plastic bucket or carboy after the initial fermentation dies down in the primary. It’s a theory that’s published in many […]

  • The Homebrewer’s Library
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    I’d much rather be brewing than reading about homebrewing, but there’s only so much brewing that can be done. That’s when I turn to reading about making beer. I read a lot of homebrewing blogs, but there’s times when I want to go more in-depth. I have a growing library of homebrewing books and today […]

  • How Much Priming Sugar Should I Add?
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    The Quick Answer The simple answer is about five ounces (or ¾ of a cup) of corn syrup for a five gallon batch of homemade beer. It’s the amount of corn syrup that comes in most recipe kits. It’s the amount that’s mentioned in most homebrew books in the beginner sections. However, like most things […]

  • Best Way To Add Honey To A Beer?
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    I’ve never brewed with honey before, yet I decided it was a good idea to brew a honey-rosemary saison for my wedding in November. I’m sure the final product will be amazing tasting, but I have to get there first. I have time for at least one or two practice runs, which is good because […]