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  • How To Make A Better Beer With Mr. Beer
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    The most popular homebrewing equipment kit is a Mr. Beer. The basic homebrewing kit might get frowned on and made fun of by many homebrewers. However it’s also the way that many people have gotten their start homebrewing because using a Mr. Beer is affordable and easy. Easy doesn’t always equal good. I’ve made some […]

  • Airlock Questions Answered: No Bubbles? Bubbling Done?
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    I’ve seen the questions dozens of times, beginner homebrewers (including myself in the early stages of my homebrewing career) asking: Is their something wrong, the bubbling hasn’t started in the airlock? Did I ruin my beer? There’s no bubbling in the airlock! Help! Can I bottle my beer? The bubbling has stopped in the airlock. […]

  • Homebrewing For Beginners: Ebook To Help You Make Your First Beer
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    After hours and hours of writing, countless of hours of research (don’t feel too bad for me, the research included making lots of beer), Homebrewing For Beginner is¬†officially¬†here! When I first got into making my own beer, it wasn’t a pretty process. I couldn’t wait to dig in and start getting dirty, but the homebrewing […]

  • Homebrew Academy Review And How It Can Help You Make Better Beer
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    Homebrewing is an awesome hobby, that results in awesome tasting beers and sometimes careers in making beer. However, when you’re a new brewer (or even if you’ve been brewing for a while now), it can be confusing, overwhelming and stressful sometimes. There’s a lot of technical stuff to learn and lots of things that can […]

  • Amazon Best Sellers in Beer Brewing Equipment: January 2012
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    After checking out best selling homebrewing equipment on Amazon, I thought I would share with you the list. I was surprised how many Mr Beer related items were in the top 5, however I can see how it makes sense. If someone is just looking to try out homebrewing, a Mr Beer kit isn’t a […]

  • Win A Copy Of Homebrewing For Beginners
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    Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been putting together beginners guide to homebrewing. It’s the ebook that I wish I had when I was first getting into making my own beer. Homebrewing For Beginners is a simple, to the point guide to making beer for the first time, written in plain English with only […]

  • Four Homebrewing Starter Kits To Get You Homebrewing Right Away
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    Before I started homebrewing, I spent way too long long searching the internet for the perfect home brew kit to get me started. Way too long! There’s hundreds, maybe thousands of homebrew kits that would’ve worked, but I was hell bent on finding the perfect one. To avoid you spending hour and hours wandering around […]

  • PFTP Podcast 1: Interview With Billy Broas
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    I love writing about craft beer and homebrewing, but there is nothing like talking about it to someone else. I could probably talk about the two subjects all the time, which is one of the many reasons that I decided to start a Passion For The Pint podcast. In this very first podcast, I talked […]