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  • Casks For A Cause: Tampa Are You Ready?
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    Tampa, are you ready for another beer fest? I hope so, because this one is filled with cask conditioned beers and it helps a good cause. Win/win! Casks For A Cause is this Saturday (March 24th 2-6pm) at Cigar City Brewing and will feature beers like Stone’s Cali-Belgique, Shipyard’s Export Ale, Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s […]

  • Dogfish Head’s Noble Rot: Beer Meets Wine
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    I was browsing through my beer reading today and a couple articles came up about one of Dogfish Head’s newest beers, Noble Rot. There was a beer review and on the Washington Post an article called Dogfish’s Noble Rot blurs line between wine and beer. I know that Dogfish Head gets all of the attention, but usually […]

  • The Homebrewer’s Library
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    I’d much rather be brewing than reading about homebrewing, but there’s only so much brewing that can be done. That’s when I turn to reading about making beer. I read a lot of homebrewing blogs, but there’s times when I want to go more in-depth. I have a growing library of homebrewing books and today […]

  • Tampa Bay Beer Week: You Don’t Want To Miss This
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    When you think Florida, do you think orange juice? Yeah, I did too until I moved down to Tampa and discovered that it was more than sandy beaches and fruit farms in land. Tampa is the home to a growing craft beer scene, that has exploded in the past couple of years. There’s a handful […]

  • Beer Hunter: The Movie
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    “My name really is Michael Jackson, but I don’t sing, I don’t dance, and I don’t drink Pepsi.” So begins each episode of The Beer Hunter, the television series starring Michael Jackson. This Michael Jackson was born in England and became famous writing about beer in the late seventies before I was even born. He […]

  • Six Breweries To Visit In Tampa Bay
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    Mention Tampa Bay and most people from out of the area probably think beaches and vacations. However, the locals know that it’s also a hot spot for brewing with a number of up and coming craft beer breweries. Here’s my favorites: Cigar City Brewing Cigar City Brewing is an up and coming brewery on the […]

  • Craft Brew Palooza Photos
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    Yesterday, the Tampa beer drinking community headed en masse to the Hyde Park Village for the Craft Brew Palooza, benefiting Pints For Prostates. There was 100+ beers from more than 25 different brewers, including lots that I’ve never tried and some favorites that I’ll never get tired of trying again and again. We arrived shortly after […]