“My name really is Michael Jackson, but I don’t sing, I don’t dance, and I don’t drink Pepsi.” So begins each episode of The Beer Hunter, the television series starring Michael Jackson.

This Michael Jackson was born in England and became famous writing about beer in the late seventies before I was even born. He created the beer styles as we know them today and is one of the reasons that craft beer is as popular as it is today.

Now a movie is in the works to document his life and honor the late writer. It’s called Beer Hunter: The Movie and tells the story of how his books and television series about beer “inspired the global phenomenon that is the craft brewing renaissance.”

The movie will follow up on the 1989 television series called The Beer Hunter. It will feature rare footage of Michael on and off camera as he travels through cities across the United States and Europe, visiting breweries and pubs in his journey.

The footage will be the basis of a movie about Michael’s life, with the remaining footage edited into a series that they will release as an open-source public resource.

“The unprecedented growth and popularity of craft brewing and distilling, and the ever-expanding field of beer and whisky writing, would never have been possible without Michael’s ground-breaking efforts and uniquely engaging voice. It’s important that we tell his story and recognize his contributions before his memory fades.”

You can learn more about the movie, check out their Kickstarter page where they are raising funds to support the making of the movie. While you’re there, think about donating to help the movie be completed. I’ll be donating what I can before the end of the month when the fund raising project ends.

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