• Fresh Brews: Beer Pairings, 5 Bottle Rule And More
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    After couple weeks off because of vacation and work, I bring you the latest Fresh Brews update. Fresh Brews is my weekly round up craft beer and home brewing news. Billy Brew: Easy Beer and Chocolate Pairings with Chocolove When I think of beer and food pairings, I usually think of salty foods or even […]

  • How To Pour A Beer
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    I’ve been pouring beer for more years than I can count, however during most of those years I didn’t care about how I poured it or even if I was pouring it correctly. The result was a lot of badly poured beers and even some alcohol abuse with beer overflowing out of my glass (or […]

  • Bottles For Home Brewing?
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    You made it through brew day, following all of the directions without any earth shattering mistakes. Your beer is now fermenting in a bucket or carboy, so where do you put all of that delicious beer when it’s ready to be bottled when it’s done fermenting? Where Do I Get Bottles For Home Brewing? You […]

  • 17 Of The Best Beer Quotes
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    I’ve heard a lot of funny, amusing and sometimes serious beer quotes. They’re said by politicians, writers and cartoon characters. Some I can relate to. Some not so much. Anyways, here’s some of my favorites and a few others that I’ve come across online. “I work until beer o’clock.” -Steven King “Without question, the greatest invention […]

  • Reviewing Pays du Soleil from Saint Somewhere
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    The Drink: Pays du Soleil from Saint Somewhere Type: Belgian Pale Ale ABV: 8% Overall Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Pints I started off a warm, sunny Tampa Saturday afternoon with Pays du Soleil from Saint Somewhere. Saint Somewhere is a brewery just up the street in Tarpon Springs, Florida. They brew traditional Belgian style […]