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  • Ales Versus Lagers
    Posted in: Home Brewing

    If you are as passionate about beer as I am why not start brewing your own beer? A quick visit to can help fund your endeavor. What the heck is the difference between ales and lagers? I mean they’re both beers, and I like beer…but there is a little bit more to it. When […]

  • Untapp’d: The Social Network For Beer Drinkers
    Posted in: Beer

    What Is Untapp’d? Untapp’d is a social network, like Foursquare, except instead of checking into places, you’re checking into beers! And if you want to get all technical, it does also let you share you’re location when you’re drinking. My favorite feature is that Untappd lets you share what I’m think of a beer and […]

  • Dry Malt Extract Vs. Liquid Malt Extract
    Posted in: Home Brewing

    If you’re extract brewing or even thinking about it, you’ve probably asked yourself something along the lines of: What is the differences between Dry Malt Extract and Liquid Malt Extract. Which is better? Hopefully, I can shed some light on that for you! Liquid Malt Extract (LME) LME is a thick liquid, almost like a […]

  • Bottles For Home Brewing?
    Posted in: Featured, Home Brewing

    You made it through brew day, following all of the directions without any earth shattering mistakes. Your beer is now fermenting in a bucket or carboy, so where do you put all of that delicious beer when it’s ready to be bottled when it’s done fermenting? Where Do I Get Bottles For Home Brewing? You […]

  • Fresh Brews: Chicken Maltnuggets, Saving Time Home Brewing And More
    Posted in: Beer

    This week’s beer blogosphere round up has everything from another delicious recipe made with beer to ways to save time when you’re home brewing. What else do you need? Pencil and Spoon: Cooking with Beer: Chicken MaltNuggets and Beer Ketchup Now this is my type of cooking! Here’s another recipe that I’ll have to try […]

  • 17 Of The Best Beer Quotes
    Posted in: Beer, Featured

    I’ve heard a lot of funny, amusing and sometimes serious beer quotes. They’re said by politicians, writers and cartoon characters. Some I can relate to. Some not so much. Anyways, here’s some of my favorites and a few others that I’ve come across online. “I work until beer o’clock.” -Steven King “Without question, the greatest invention […]

  • Taking The Brain Surgery And Mystery Jargon Out Of Homebrewing
    Posted in: Home Brewing

    Home brewing can be pretty damn confusing, especially when you’re on the outside looking in. It looks a lot like performing brain surgery, even though it’s a lot more like brewing a stew. There’s lots of complicated jargon and mysterious acronyms thrown around. One of the three home brewing books that helped me make my […]

  • Spring Craft Beer Festival Fall Round Up
    Posted in: Craft Beer

    Last weekend, the Cajun Cafe’s Spring Craft Beer Festival came to town. It’s one of the growing number of craft beer events in the Tampa Bay area. This one featured brewers like Cigar City Brewing, Unibroue and many more. There was also several home brewers showing off their brews. Since it was at the Cajun […]

  • Fresh Brews: Cigar City Brewing, Cappuccino Stout And More
    Posted in: Beer

    Welcome to the second installment of craft beer news. This week, I’m stealing Fresh Brews, the name of my weekly round up over on my coffee blog. It may or may not stick around until next week. We’ll see. New York Ale Project: The Pullout Epidemic Get those dirty thoughts out of your mind. This […]