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  • What Are The Different Types Of Home Brewing
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    If you hang around the home brewing blogs or browse through any home brew books, you’ll hear a lot of different terms thrown around. The ones that confused me the most when I started out was the terms for all the different types of home brewing. It got me feeling a little lost until I […]

  • Bohr From Cigar City Brewing: Too Much?
    Posted in: Beer

    The Drink: Bohr from Cigar City Brewing Type: Imperial Stout ABV: 10% Overall Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Pints This week’s Craft Beer review comes from another local (for me at least) Tampa brewer called Cigar City Brewing. I’m lucky enough to live within driving distance from their tasting room. During my last visit there, […]

  • Beer Blog Roundup: Saint Somewhere, Beer-Food Recipes & More
    Posted in: Beer

    Over at my coffee blog, I do a weekly round up of all of the coffee blogs called Fresh Brews. I thought it would be fun to do the same over here, although it does need a better name than beer blog roundup. Hopefully, some sort of inspiration will strike me before next week. Anyways, […]

  • Happy National Beer Day!
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    I’ve got a little history lesson for you today. Stop yawning. This one is about beer, so I know you’ll love it. It’s about a very dark period of time in our American history that many craft beer lovers and home brewing enthusiasts don’t like talking about – the devastatingly dry 13 years of Prohibition.  Luckily, on March 22, […]

  • Reviewing Pays du Soleil from Saint Somewhere
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    The Drink: Pays du Soleil from Saint Somewhere Type: Belgian Pale Ale ABV: 8% Overall Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Pints I started off a warm, sunny Tampa Saturday afternoon with Pays du Soleil from Saint Somewhere. Saint Somewhere is a brewery just up the street in Tarpon Springs, Florida. They brew traditional Belgian style […]

  • Home Brewing 101: Bottling Day
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    There’s three really exciting days in the homebrewing process, with a lot of waiting in between. The first, is brew day when your brew your ingredients together. The second is bottling day and while it’s probably not as exciting as the third, the day you drink your beer, it’s a pretty important day. Before you […]