• Funneling And Filtering Your Way To Better Tasting Homebrews
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    When I think of excitement, I think funnels and filters! Okay, who am I kidding. They’re not the most exciting pieces of homebrewing equipment, they aren’t even considered a required pieces of equipment and aren’t included in most homebrew starter kits. However, they are pieces that could make things easier and tastier. For the extract […]

  • Beginners: The Homebrewing Equipment They Don’t Tell You About
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    Most of the equipment you’ll need for making beer, you can pick up at a local homebrew store. You can buy a kit, or you can buy the pieces individually. However, there’s a number of items that they don’t tell you about when you’re at the store or reading about homebrewing in some book. It’s […]

  • Six Breweries To Visit In Tampa Bay
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    Mention Tampa Bay and most people from out of the area probably think beaches and vacations. However, the locals know that it’s also a hot spot for brewing with a number of up and coming craft beer breweries. Here’s my favorites: Cigar City Brewing Cigar City Brewing is an up and coming brewery on the […]

  • Craft Brew Palooza Photos
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    Yesterday, the Tampa beer drinking community headed en masse to the Hyde Park Village for the Craft Brew Palooza, benefiting Pints For┬áProstates. There was 100+ beers from more than 25 different brewers, including lots that I’ve never tried and some favorites that I’ll never get tired of trying again and again. We arrived shortly after […]

  • Mold In My Homebrew Beer Bottles
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    I know for a fact that mold is not an awesome beer ingredient. Don’t ask how I know for a fact, that’s another story. Let’s just say I learned the hard way that I need to make sure that the beer bottles I’m using for homebrewing are mold free. How do I keep my hombrew […]

  • Best Gifts For Homebrewers And Craft Beer Fans
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    It’s that time of year again, time to do the holiday and Christmas shopping. If you have a homebrewer or craft beer aficionado on your shopping list, here’s some ideas to get you started to make sure they’re happy with what they unwrap on Christmas. Gifts For Home Brewers Is the family member or friend […]

  • How To Survive Oktoberfest! (Infographic)
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    I wanted to thank my friends over at Accredited Online Colleges for this infographic on how to survive Oktoberfest (with your liver intact). It also includes a history and some more random, somewhat useless (but awesome) facts about my favorite time of the year. Enjoy! Click on the image to find a full size version, […]

  • Fresh Brews: White House Homebrewing, Cooking with Beer And More
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    Fresh Brews is my weekly round up of everything going on in the craft beer and homebrewing blogospheres. I spend a lot of time reading about beer and come across a lot of articles worth sharing. Here is some of the best ones from the past week: Beer Club Guide: Exploring Abandoned Breweries When I […]