• Fresh Brews: Craft Beer Week, Gypsy Brewers And More
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    I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent two days this weekend at the Trop, watching the Tampa Rays playing the Orioles.  The games were good (well, the first one was) and the better was awesome. They know have a semi-decent selection of craft beers – Bell’s, Brooklyn and hometown favorite Cigar City. Anyways, […]

  • How To Pour A Beer
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    I’ve been pouring beer for more years than I can count, however during most of those years I didn’t care about how I poured it or even if I was pouring it correctly. The result was a lot of badly poured beers and even some alcohol abuse with beer overflowing out of my glass (or […]

  • Fresh Brews: Home Brewing Software Update, Beer Chips And More
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    I hope everyone had a beer filled weekend (in moderation of course!). Did anyone else do anything to celebrate Saturday’s National Home Brew Day? Fresh Brews is my weekly round up of everything going on in the home brewing and craft beer blogosphere. Here’s a few of my favorite links that really caught my eye […]

  • How To Celebrate National Home Brew Day
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    Tomorrow, May 7th is National Home Brew Day! Brewers across the country will be celebrating by doing what they do best, brewing beer of course! There’s events planned all over at the county at craft beer bars, home brewing shops and even aboard ships where home brewing clubs and individuals are going to be brewing. […]

  • Happy Cinco De Mayo
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    Happy Cinco De Mayo! Here’s what I have in store for tonight, Pacifco Clara, Tecate, Model Especial, Sol (my favorite of the bunch) and Dos Equis. The absence of any Corona related products, isn’t an accident. What beers are you drinking today?

  • Using Leftover Grains To Make Homemade Dog Treats
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    After every brew day, I’m left with a pound or two of mashed grains. Some brewers throw them out with the trash. More environmentally conscious brewers put them in their compost heap. But what happens if you don’t want to throw them in the trash and you don’t have a yard for the compost heap? […]

  • Behind Closed Doors At Cigar City Brewing
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    This weekend was like a dream come true for me. I got to go behind closed doors at Cigar City Brewing and see where some of my favorite beers are created. The tour was led by Travis, one of the brewers at CCB. He led us around the equipment filled building, explaining what all of […]