Not that we need another excuse to drink craft beer, but tomorrow, August 4th is International #IPADay. It’s the world’s largest celebration of craft beer and you’ve been ordered to join in on the fun!

What Is #IPADay

#IPADay is the day when craft beer drinkers from across the world and across the internet will raise their pints to toast one of craft beer’s most iconic and popular styles: the India Pale Ale. “This celebrated style represents the pinnacle of brewing innovation with its broad spectrum of diverse brands, subcategories, and regional flavor variations – making it the perfect style to galvanize the craft beer’s social voice.”

According to @TheBeerWench and @RyanARoss, the day’s founders, International #IPADay is a grassroots movement created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide, using social media as the common arena for connecting the conversation together.

You can join in the fun by checking in to events on and offline.

Participate online by sharing your photos, videos, blog posts, tasting notes, recipes, thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, RateBeer, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Untappd or just about any other social media platforms you use to communicate with your friends. Use the hastag #IPADay in all of your posts and then see what others are saying by searching the hashtag on google, twitter or other social media resources.

Offline events include events at bars and breweries across the country. I’ve even heard about offices coming together to celebrate the day! (I wish I could get my office to do something to celebrate, but they’re probably too busy drinking coffee!)

I know that I’ll participate by drinking an extra hoppy IPA and share it with my friends online, what about you?

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