Perry’s Brewer Preview/Unboxing

Full Disclosure: Recently Perry’s Brewer sent me a one gallon beer making kit and the accompanying stout beer ingredients. By recently, I mean way back in January. (My apologies go out to the crew at Perry’s Brewer for the delay.)

Like the rest of my blog and unfortunately my brewing hobby, it’s been kind of on hold. I haven’t had much time recently. Having a fifteen month old running around the house will do that. However, Perry’s Brewer one gallon all brewing seems like the perfect way to get back into brewing when fighting with a jam packed schedule.

Perry’s Brewer promises beer that isn’t difficult to brew and doesn’t require any previous brewing experience. Each one gallon kit makes 8-10 bottles of beer at a time.

What caught my attention is that it makes all grain beer in just five steps and their promise that it wasn’t much harder than making pasta. There’s say there’s no need for multiple cooking pots, the brewing steps are kept to a minimum and there’s powder extract. Just fresh ingredients that hopefully take less time to make. Perfect for when the time is of the essence and my brain is fried from work and trying to keep up with a little one.

I’ll be looking at how easy it is to brew using the Perry’s Brewer system and further down the road I’ll of course share how the homebrew actually tastes. Some might say that’s the most important part.

Inside the box:

  • Ingredient mix of your choice (I choose the Statement Sout Beer Making Mix).
  • Glass fermentation jug and airlock
  • Quikbrew bag
  • Auto siphon and tubing
  • Thermometer
  • Funnel
  • 10 bottle caps
  • Beer Making Guide

Statement Stout Beer Making Mix

Soft, smooth and full bodied. A pitch black beer with a tan head. A warming alcohol note to accompany a cold chocolate dessert.”

-Perry’s Brewer Product description

All I had to supply was:

  • 8-12 QT cooking pot
  • 10 flip-top or pry off bottles. (If you don’t have a bottle capper or caps, they have them in their online store.)


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