Furthering My Homebrew Education With The Homebrew Academy

Sneak Peek Inside The Homebrew Academy

A Sneak Peak Inside The Homebrew Academy

I’ve brewed more than a few batch of homebrewed beer, but I still love to learn more about the whole process, looking for ways to make it easier, make it quicker and of course make it taste better. I think everyone from someone who has never brewed a batch of beer or to someone that has brewed hundreds of batches, is looking to improve their homebrewing skills.

I searched all over the internet looking for more information about homebrewing. There’s a few really good homebrewing forums and message boards out there, however I find them kind of limiting. They’re a great place to ask a question and get well rounded answers. But they are a great place if you’re just looking to improve your knowledge in general.

I was looking for more along the line of something like an ebooks and ecourses that I could check out at home or even while I was at the car repair shop, waiting for them to finish. I came across a handful of ebooks, and I have to tell you that most of them were pretty bad. They either looked like crap or were written poorly.

Then I came across the Homebrew Academy. It was simply more professional and more informative than anything else I found online. I knew right away that this was something that I wanted to try.

I haven’t been disappointed. It’s filled with lots of professional quality videos and well written articles that were loaded with great information and a lot of useful tips. Mixed in there’s some handy dandy checklists and even a few infographics that are really helpful.

Screen capture from one of the videos inside the Homebrew Academy

Screen Cap Of A Video Inside The Homebrew Academy

The Homebrew Academy is broken into three different courses, one for beginners ($20), advanced ($40) and one that covers it all ($50).

I paid for the whole course, mainly for the advanced material, but right now I’m working my way through the beginners section and I’m finding a lot of useful tips to use with my brewing. I can’t wait to get to the more advanced sections and see what I learn there.

I’ll have a full review of the Homebrew Academy later this month, along with an interview with Billy Broas the man behind the Academy.

A little bit of disclosure, I’m an affiliate for the Homebrew Academy. However, that’s not the only reason that I’m linking to the HBA. I think it’s a great course, full of lots of information.


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