Fresh Brews: Bad Tasting Notes, Blue Beer-y Pancakes, Funny Videos And More

I had a new and improved name for this weekly post, however I conveniently forgot to write it down, so we’re stuck with the name for another week. That being said, Fresh Brews is a weekly round up of some of my favorite craft beer and home brewing blog posts that I’ve read over the past week.

Pencil & Spoon: The Meaninglessness of Tasting Notes
Look around on beer review sites, you’ll see a lot of these not so helpful descriptions. It’s even worse when the tasting notes come from an upcoming beer festival. Blue-Beer-y Pancakes
I don’t think I need to say much about this delicious beer infused blueberry pancakes recipe, other than that I’m now craving pancakes. I hope to be testing out this recipe soon!

Beer Review Dude: How To Build A Hops Spider
Our home brewing tip of the week comes from Johnny, who shares an easy way to get your hops out of your wort.

Brewpublic: Beer Entertainment
Here’s three amusing, entertaining and often funny beer videos that have been making their way around the internetz lately. I definitely want the beer that guy in video number one is drinking. That’s some good stuff.

Photo by rogiro.


I'm a former coffee blogger, but I’ve been getting to know some really good craft beers and really getting into home brewing. I couldn’t resist starting this little project called Passion For The Pint. When I’m not blogging about coffee or beer, you can find me exploring New Orleans’ wide range of eateries, rooting for the New York Yankees (don’t hate me, I’m originally from New York), working out to burn off the beer calories or reading about beer.

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