Beer’s Answer For Summer: Namaste From Dogfish Head

The Drink: Namaste from Dogfish Head
Type: Belgian White (Witbier)
ABV: 5% IBU: 20
Overall Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5 Pints

The temperature hit 90 degrees (again) Sunday afternoon in Tampa, Florida. Even in the shade, sweat was pouring off of me in not so awesome ways. When I made back to my place, I headed directly to my fridge to find something that was refreshing and hopefully, very cold.

I came out with Namaste, one of Dogfish Head’s seasonal summer releases. In case you’re not into yoga or have a girlfriend that’s hip to the lingo, Namaste is a traditional greeting, originating from India. It can be taken in many ways, including what Dogfish Head printed on the label: “the spirit in me recognizes and celebrates, the spirit in you.”

Dogfish Head describes Namaste as a Belgian-style White, made with dried organic orange slices, fresh cut lemongrass and a bit of coriander. It sounded like the perfect beer to quench my thirst.

I describe it as having a golden, hazy color with a thick white foam.

It had a light, delicate aroma. I smelled lemon grass and little bit of spiciness around the edges.

The taste mixed sweetness with citrus. I tasted flavors of oranges and the spiciness of coriander. It wasn’t over the top, just gentle flavors telling your tongue that it’s there.

I picked up a 750ml bottle for just $7.99.

If you’re looking for another big, extreme beer from Dogfish Head…this isn’t the beer for you. However, if you’re looking for a refreshing beer this summer, that’s delicately crafted and won’t hit you over the head with flavor, this is the beer for you. It earned an excellent 4.5 score on the Passion For The Pint scale.

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I'm a former coffee blogger, but I’ve been getting to know some really good craft beers and really getting into home brewing. I couldn’t resist starting this little project called Passion For The Pint. When I’m not blogging about coffee or beer, you can find me exploring New Orleans’ wide range of eateries, rooting for the New York Yankees (don’t hate me, I’m originally from New York), working out to burn off the beer calories or reading about beer.


  1. LOVE this beer! Found a lone bottle in my Whole Foods and now am seeking more. Perfect for those hot summer days. 

    •  I agree 100% I haven’t been to a Whole Foods for a while until recently, I was surprised how great of a selection of beer they have now. Of course, it’s never enough of the good ones like Namaste.

  2. I also enjoyed this beer. Light, flavorful and refreshing. And I needed to look up Namaste since I don’t have any hippie friends or pay attention to what Madonna is saying usually, LOL. 

  3. Wow! A beer dedicated to one of the most respectable words of India. Contrary to popular regressive belief…India is certainly not a hippie land.
    Namaste! A warm welcome for warm days.

    • I had heard of Namaste before I heard of the beer, but I really didn’t look into the meaning or the origins, funny how a beer can make me want to learn more about a word and it’s background.

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